Intelligent turnkey for CPA platform

AlfaEngine is a convenient and reliable self-hosted platform that will keep your leads only in your hands!


No limits of integrations, events or manager accounts!

Alfa Engine is installed on your server. The installation process of the platform is extremely simple, does not require special knowledge and takes about 5 minutes. So your Leads and partner contacts will always remain only with you.

Where to rent a reliable server?

In our documentation, we provide recommendations and links to trusted suppliers. We recommend using cloud servers with a daily backup.

How do I know it is not fraud?

The platform is installed on your server. You have the opportunity to hire an independent system admin to audit the outgoing server traffic and make sure that your data is not leaked anywhere.

Our support is always in touch


  • They will help you install and configure the platform for you

  • They will find a solution to technical problems

The platform is being actively supplemented with new features. You can make suggestions.


What about integrations?

Integrations are carried out from the admin panel. We made them simple and fast.

Integration with affiliates

You just need to give the affiliate access to his personal account and create a stream for the test. Inside the personal account, he will find documentation with code examples, will be able to send test leads that will not get to the broker. The platform completely simulates the work of a CRM broker, including autologin.

Integration with brokers

You can use ready-made presets for integration with popular CRM and platforms. Our specialists will help with custom integrations, prepare a text integration file, you will only have to upload it to the panel, or you can use the services of an independent PHP programmer.

Integration with network

The partner networks integrate in the same way as affiliates and brokers, depending on whether you buy traffic from the network or sell it. Among our presets there are popular integrations that will make the process simple and fast.

WHITE LABLEL - You can brand the platform with your logo and name.

Quick Access

One click and get the platform without knowledge of it.

Fast Performance

Forget about delay. Fast generation of most reports. With powerful filter system you will make decision easier and analysis data.

Video Tutorials

Excess to educational video about platform, therefore, not to lose the most important parts.

Powerful Options

Our system monitors for errors in real time and then inform you to the telegram chat with technical specialists.

Extensions & Addons

CPA platform is giving you the possibility to monitor frauds from broker side and affiliates. Give you the list which is checked by partners.

Expert 24/7 Support

Ask questions and get the answers as soon as possible. Our team will give you the best solutions and feedbacks which will rise efficacious of our productivity.

Ready to Join AlfaEngine?

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